PALMA for DOSY Analysis

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How to measure the best possible DOSY experiment...

You know that the DOSY experiment is not an easy one, it may fail in a number of manner. We provide here a short check-list covering the most typical problems that you may face

This involves three stages

1/ Acquire the best possible DOSY experiment...

First Convection is your enemy ! you're always better in D$_2$O and DMSO than in CDCl$_3$ (water is more viscous that chloroform !), you prefer 3mm tubes than 5mm, you prefer room temperature than anything else.

Also check the temperature control !

Then insure that all the parameters have been set correctly, typically the following ones should be checked before each experiments:

2/ Process the best possible DOSY experiment...

Processing is simple

Detect possible problems at acquisition.
For this, look at spectrum after the XF2 step and try to detect the possible problems at this stage:

3/ Analyse

Diffusion coefficients depend on many parameters in the sample, for this reason they provide a lot of information on the sample, as well as on the physico-chemical conditions of the solution.

Remember that:

Finally/ In case of problems

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Several error messages are possible:

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